10 Small Details In Marvel Movies That Could Change Everything

, [Music], the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, famously teeming with Easter eggs and, references some of them are included, merely for the fun of it while others, have led to bigger things in the, franchise for example Stephens strange, was very briefly named drops in Captain, America the Winter Soldier and now, Doctor Strange is a prominent member of, the MC use cast of characters there have, however been hundreds more some of which, are yet to be referenced to get this, video will look into ten such examples, that could become relevant in the future, these MCU Easter eggs and references, could definitely lead to bigger things, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, it’s the best way of keeping up to date, with all of screen rants great new, videos thank Odin ‘s trophy room in , Thor mov...

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Black Panther: 10 Important Things You Missed

Black Panther has roared on two big

screens and has audiences waiting for

more a critical and commercial success

the film has made many people fans of

the Chawla and the Black Panther

mythology while everyone was so taken

aback by the powerful political story in

the vibrant life found in Wakanda we II

we’re keeping our eyes peeled for tiny

little references we think that you

might have missed look do you know from

comic book tie-ins MCU foreshadowing and

fun Easter eggs here’s what we caught

seeing as this movie is a new MCU film

minor spoiler warnings ahead before we

get started be sure to click on that

subscribe button to get all the latest

content from Screen Rant

every single day can you guess the movie

based off of these emojis stay tuned for

the end for the answer that is the

future ...

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Black Panther Theory: Is Shuri THE Smartest Marvel Movie Character?

shuri may just be the cheeky confident

year old secret weapons but Marvel

needs since black panther was released

theories have been flying around that

shiri may just be the smartest Marvel

Universe character ever to exist that’s

right more brilliant than Tony Stark and

Bruce Banner so what makes people think

this could it be her mind shattering

inventions with vibranium or maybe it is

her curing technological abilities that

even the most elite superheroes couldn’t

crack we’re going to explore why this

theory may actually be fact and it may

run deeper than just inventions make

sure to watch until the end to find out

are you new around screen rants welcome

hit that subscribe button below to be

the first one in the know about all film

secrets give us a like and now let’s see

why the theory ab...

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10 Things About Infinity War That Make Absolutely NO Sense

Marvel and the Russo brothers did an amazing job with the Avengers infinity war dealing with dozens of heroes up lots years in the making and the most devastating super villain yet was no easy task once the dust is settled from our awe and excitement there are still a few things from the movie that make no sense thank you Father and leave us with more questions than answers before you watch click subscribe you’ll join our notification squad and be the first to know of new Screen Rant content Hulk hides away out of all the heroes we would expect to cower away from Thanos we never thought it would be the Incredible Hulk after Thanos absolutely destroys the Green Monster Bruce Banner struggles to Hulk up for the rest of the movie the Hulk’s performance issues would make more sense if he had n...

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25 Marvel Fan Theories That Actually Came True!

pop culture
fans in general love to comeup with theories about their favoritecinematic and television offerings butarguably not more so than superhero fanssuperhero fans are always discussingtheir thoughts
online and sometimestheir ideas end up coming true
in thisvideo we’ll take you
through some Marvelfan theories that ended up becoming
don’t forget to hit thatsubscribe button
it’s the best way
ofkeeping up
the date with all
of screenrants great new videos how much longerdo you
think would be
ahead without adoubt the most long-running theory aboutthe Marvel Cinematic Universe was thatStan Lee
was playing the same characterin every single one of his cameos theformer editor-in-chief of Marvel Comicsis responsible for the creation of someof the company’s
most iconic ch...

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