10 Small Details In Marvel Movies That Could Change Everything

, [Music], the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, famously teeming with Easter eggs and, references some of them are included, merely for the fun of it while others, have led to bigger things in the, franchise for example Stephens strange, was very briefly named drops in Captain, America the Winter Soldier and now, Doctor Strange is a prominent member of, the MC use cast of characters there have, however been hundreds more some of which, are yet to be referenced to get this, video will look into ten such examples, that could become relevant in the future, these MCU Easter eggs and references, could definitely lead to bigger things, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, it’s the best way of keeping up to date, with all of screen rants great new, videos thank Odin ‘s trophy room in , Thor movie audiences were introduced to, the wonders of Odin’s trophy room on, Asgard it was featured in the movie, because the frost giants of Jotun had, gained access to it, courtesy of the traitorous Loki in order, to get their hands on the casket of, ancient winters which they intended to, use to bring their species back to its, former glory of course they were, thwarted in their attempts to take it by, the destroyer armor which eviscerated, them with its powerful energy blasts but, the scene revealed that Odin had a, number of powerful items stashed away, of course the Infinity Gauntlet in there, has since been revealed to be fake but, the orb of agamotto and the eternal, flame were in there too which ended up, being Easter eggs for Doctor Strange and, for Ragnarok respectively with that in, mind the fact that the tablet of life, and time in the Warlocks eye were also, in there could turn out to be, interesting the Warlocks eye for example, could lead to the introduction of, Huracan the leader of the legions of, Valhalla as he is the most prominent, character to have used it in the comics, and he’d be a fantastic addition to the, Marvel Cinematic Universe and he could, very easily work alongside hella in, future movies, [Music], project Pegasus in the opening scenes of, ‘s Avengers movie the setting was a, shield base on which the tesseract was, being studied by Erik Selvig due to the, fact that the aforementioned infinity, stone was misbehaving and evacuation was, called that resulted in a lot of frantic, movement within the base in one scene a, soldier was seen assuring people towards, the exit and a sign was briefly on show, behind him on the side the words project, Pegasus were clearly seen those words, were only on screen for a matter of, seconds but given the relevance of them, in the comics it seems unlikely that, they wouldn’t lead to anything in the, Marvel Cinematic Universe in the comics, project Pegasus is an initiative that, studies alternative sources of energy in, the same way shield were studying the, tesseract in the MCU and it’s associated, with a number of prominent heroes its, inclusion in The Avengers movie could, have hinted towards the introduction of, the likes of quasar and blue shield for, example as both of those guys have been, head of security on the project and, quasar who is otherwise known as Wendel, Vaughn would be a particularly fantastic, addition to the MCU Avengers, [Music], grandmasters tower thor ragnarok, saw the Hulk is the champion gladiator, on Sekar in the Grand Masters Tournament, of Champions the Grandmaster, played brilliantly by Jeff Goldblum was, the main man on the planet with servants, and bodyguards working for him and he, also had a tower built that was devoted, to his legacy on the side of his tower, the very recognizable faces of his, former champions were sculpted those, champions being be beast man thing dark, crawler Ares and beta ray bill, well the inclusion of some of those, characters are nothing more than fun, nods to the comics you have to believe, that at least a couple of them will lead, to something bigger beta ray bill and, Ares in particular would be fantastic, additions to the Marvel Cinematic, Universe, both characters are powerful heroes well, in Ares case he’s an antihero and they, could provide some much-needed support, to the existing good guys in the MCU, their introduction could lead to some, very interesting stories and concepts, for the franchise for example beta ray, bill could become a member of a, live-action annihilators team and ares, would mean the Olympian gods were coming, to the MCU and that really would be, awesome this is the stuff of the Living, Tribunal the staff of the Living, Tribunal ‘s Doctor Strange movie, featured many objects of power both of a, mystical and cosmic nature of course the, most prominent example was the eye of, agamotto infinity stone also known as, the time stone which was used to trap, Dormammu in a time loop and reverse time, to undo the destruction caused by the, villains Dark Dimension merging with, earth other items either seen or, mentioned in the movie included the evil, eye of Avalon the wand of watoomb the, staff of one and the vaulting boots of, vault whore all of which could, potentially lead to the introduction of, characters or plots relating to them, from the comics however the most, intriguing item was the staff of the, Living Tribunal which was essentially a, mystical weapons similar to both a width, and a pair of nunchucks Carl Mordo used, and specifically named the item during a, training scene involving the titular, strange in the comics The Living, Tribunal is the second most powerful, being in the Marvel Universe behind only, the one above all who is essentially God, should that items inclusion in the MCU, be hinting toward the, character’s appearance in the franchise, it would be absolutely incredible he is, powerful enough to shut down the power, of the Infinity stones make of that what, you will the collectors museum the, collectors museum which has been seen in, the mid credit scene of ‘s Thor dark, world as well as in guardians of, the galaxy is a veritable treasure trove, of Easter eggs and references to the, wider Marvel Universe and beyond the, likes of Howard the doc and the slugs, from slither were in there but there, were also countless other exhibits a, dark elf was on show which could hint, towards the return of the species that, we thought were dead following the, events of the second Thor movie Cosmo, the space dog was in there which could, indicate that he’ll be joining the, guardians of the galaxy in a future, movie just like he has in the comics and, there was a zero nyan in there which, could see the introduction of their, planet and race in the MCU and that in, turn could see the powerful space, parasite making an appearance all that, being said there were countless exhibits, in the museum that haven’t even been, identified yet so the extent of the, possibilities that could come from them, is unknown Thanos will be paying the, collector a visit and Avengers infinity, war in order to collect the aether and, we may discover he’s hiding some other, potentially important items when that, happens we’d only like to use you as a, consultant, it can’t afford me the shield map at the, end of Iron Man at the shield, safehouse where Tony Stark with being, debriefed by Nick Fury there was a map, in the background on the map there were, a number of superhero hotspots, highlighted the location of the Hulk’s, battle with general Ross’s forces was on, there the place where mule NER landed in, the New Mexico desert was on there a, couple of locations pertaining to, Captain America were on there and, Wakanda was highlighted on there an, Easter Egg that only recently came into, fruition of course but there’s also, another location in the middle of the, Atlantic Ocean and that hasn’t been, explored yet but it certainly could be, it’s the location of Atlantis in, Marvel’s comic books and if that’s what, it’s highlighting in the MCU which we, believe it is it could be foreshadowing, the future introduction of NAMM war the, Submariner to the franchise Nellore was, one of Marvel’s first heroes and he’s, been a member of teams like the Avengers, and the Illuminati and his introduction, could lead to some very exciting things, happening going forward especially now, that Disney and Fox have come to a deal, that might have otherwise made it, difficult to have the character in the, MCU, good evening boss Jocasta as of ‘s, Avengers age of Ultron Tony Stark no, longer uses Jarvis to aid him in the, Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s due to, the fact that the well-spoken AI, interface was uploaded into visions, synthetic body to create a powerful new, character that meant stark needed a, replacement which turned out to be, Friday but as the genius billionaire, playboy and philanthropist was looking, through a collection of UI chips to find, one eagle-eyed fans noticed that one of, them was labeled to pasta in the comics, Jocasta is the robotic bride of Ultron, who was responsible for her creation in, that reality like vision however she, went on to betray him and he’d come a, member of the Avengers now that we know, her AI exists in the MCU there’s every, chance we could see her in the franchise, albeit with a new origin this scenario, would become more likely to occur if, vision dies and the Avengers feel the, need to add a new Android character to, their team given that visions death is, something that has strongly expected to, happen when Thanos tears the mine stone, from his forehead you have to think, there’s a strong possibility that need, will arise fairly soon the universe, rotates on a , year cycle and once, its cycle all the world’s align Erik, Selvig shot bored in ‘s Thor the, dark world Erik Selvig was revealed to, have been driven mad by his experiences, in the Avengers movie a year earlier he, had experienced having a God inside his, head after all Selvig ended up, incarcerated in a mental institution but, he was still doing astrophysicist stuff, which was epitomized by some doodling he, did on a chalkboard he put a lot of, information down that eagle-eyed MCU, fans were quick to notice and a number, of those things could be hinting at some, major stories in the franchise going, forward there is a reference to the, fault which is the rip in the fabric of, the universe that leads to the cancer, verse a concept strongly associated with, the Thanos imperative story arc there is, also a reference to the crossroads which, is a dimension in Marvel Comics that, consists primarily of portals to other, worlds which could very easily become, prominent especially given the potential, links to the x-men movie franchise going, forward the Nexus of all reality was, also on there and that’s a location in, the Florida Everglades where parallel, universes sometimes intersect, essentially these Easter eggs, could be, at the MCU clashing with a number of, alternate realities in the future, mindless ones in Doctor Strange, movie when castelia said his followers, were sucked into the Dark Dimension, after Dormammu was defeated in the, movie’s climactic battle they appeared, to turn into dark almost featureless, beings with a single glowing red eye, anyone familiar with Marvel’s comic, books immediately knew what was, happening they were being transformed, into mindless ones by Dormammu in the, comics the mindless ones were created by, the powerful entity known as plucked ax, as opposed to the flame-headed sorcerer, and they were made to be unstoppable, engines of destruction, they’re super strong almost impossible, to physically hurt and they’re capable, of projecting extremely powerful blasts, of energy from their eyes when Dormammu, was expanding his domains across the, multiverse the Dark Dimension and the, mindless ones were certainly among his, most prominent acquisitions the Marvel, Universe has a number of characters who, can summon the mindless ones using magic, Dormammu is obviously one of them and, Doctor Doom is another for example and, there’s every chance that we could see, them being utilized in the MCU by one of, those characters in the future now that, they’ve been teased and that could put, the franchise’s heroes in some real, trouble, [Music], turn, eternity the guardians of the galaxy, movies are the first Marvel Cinematic, Universe offerings to truly venture into, the cosmos so it’s no surprise when, Marvel’s cosmic entities appear or get, mentioned the likes of the collector ego, the Living Planet in Isan the searcher, have all featured in the guardians, movies to date but we could have seen, another one hinted at in s, guardians of the galaxy vol when ego, was revealing his plan to take over the, universe – Peter quill he tapped him on, the forehead and gave him a vision of, sorts Peters eyes turned black and, starry and he said he could see eternity, he could have simply been referring to, the fact that he could see beyond the, edge of the universe but he could also, have been referring to the cosmic being, known as eternity whose body in comic, books just so happens to be black and, starry like Peters eyes were the, character had previously been pictured, in the first guardians movie – on the, walls of the temple Balto maroc if these, things were foreshadowing the, introduction of eternity as a character, to the MCU it would truly be a, spectacular thing to see, and that’s the end of our video did you, enjoy it which other subtle Easter eggs, could lead to big things in the MCU let, us know your thoughts in the comments, section below and don’t forget to Like, share and subscribe to Screen Rant for, more great videos like this one bye for, now, [Music]

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