25 Marvel Fan Theories That Actually Came True!

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fans in general love to comeup with theories about their favoritecinematic and television offerings butarguably not more so than superhero fanssuperhero fans are always discussingtheir thoughts
online and sometimestheir ideas end up coming true
in thisvideo we’ll take you
through some Marvelfan theories that ended up becoming
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ahead without adoubt the most long-running theory aboutthe Marvel Cinematic Universe was thatStan Lee
was playing the same characterin every single one of his cameos theformer editor-in-chief of Marvel Comicsis responsible for the creation of someof the company’s
most iconic charactersand as a result he appears in prettymuch every Marvel production for yearsfans theorized the likes of the HughHefner
ass character an Iron Man thetruck driver attempting to move Mjolnirand Thor and the guy who didn’t believein superheroes and
The Avengers were onein the
same and they were in guardiansof the galaxy vol it was revealed thathe was an informant
for the
MC useWatchers as he was seen discussing hisprevious adventures in the franchisewith his cosmic buddies when modernsuperhero movies as we know them firststarted to become popularthe two main franchises were spider-manand x-men although one was a Sonyfranchise and the other was a Foxfranchise there was a speculation thatinitially at least the
idea was for
franchises to exist in the sameuniverse
Hugh Jackman himself confirmedthis to be true
as Wolverine was due tomake a cameo
appearance on one
of thespider-man movies
but nobody was able tofind his costume in time which isincredibly disappointing in hindsight inx/ x-men United we were introduced toAlan Cummings Nightcrawler and he playeda big part in that
movie but he didn’treturn for x-men
The Last Stand and fansstarted wondering why one theory wasthat his peaceful nature had caused himto retire from all superhero activitythe fact that it was confirmed
in x-menthe official game when his post x- exploits were discussed and his decisionto abandon anything that involvedviolence was mentioned in
x-men The LastStand
Professor Charles Xavier waskilled when Jean Grey in her Phoenixpersona completely atomized him in themovies
post-credits scene
however hisvoice was heardand he had seemingly transferred hismind into another person’s body and fanstheorized that he had moved his mindinto the body of
his twin brother
thiswas confirmed in the movies DVDcommentary and he would later reappearin the franchise in a body identical tohis own further confirming the originaltheory in Iron Man you may rememberthat during the
confrontation with IvanVanko
‘he’s hammer drones at the starkExpo
a young kid in an Iron
Man mask andglove bravely stepped up to confront oneof them before Tony
Stark himselfstepped in thanks the kid for his helpand flew off
to continue the battlegiven
that Tom Hollands Peter Parker wasrevealed to be something of
a Tony Starkfan some fans theorized
that the kidfrom
Iron Man was actually him
he agesmatched and
Parker seemed like the kindof fearless kid who would do
that as itturns out Tom Holland has confirmed thatto be the case
which is really quitecool alright skedaddle there
thank youthank you yeah
thank you laura haddockwho plays Peter Quill’s mother Meredithin the guardians of the galaxy
moviesalso appeared in Captain America
Avengerasking Steve Rogers for
his autographprompting some fans to theorize thatboth characters were related directorJames Gunn later tweeted
that the autograph
hunter was Peters grandmotherMeredith’s mother and although he alsosaid he made that up
on the spot itdoesn’t make it any less true whateverJames Gunn says goes when the firstAvengers movie was
released it waswidely believed that Loki’s scepter waspowered by
the tesseract
the space stonenot least
because Nick Fury said as muchin the movie however it was used tomind-control people which led fans tobelieve it was actually
powered by themind stone as it
turned out in Avengersage of Ultron
it was confirmed that themine stone was indeed inside Loki’sscepter
and it would be later used
tobring the vision to life in that samemovie in the early trailers for thefirst Avengers
movie loki was seensmirking at Bruce Banner after beingcaptured
by shield and the
titular teamthis led fans to theorize that
it wasall part of his plan
and that heintended to get
captured and that turnedout
to be true the god of mischiefneeded to be close
to the team in orderto unleash
the Hulk and as it turned outthat’s exactly what happened with orhaving to duke it out with
a big greenguy on board the Helicarrieryour
enemies Donna
Iron Man garnered amixed reception from
fans due to its oddpresentation
of the Mandarin first ofall
it was revealed that the characterBen Kingsley portrayed was actually adrunken actor then it was revealed thatthe real Mandarin was actually
aldrichkillian but fans weren’t convinced theytheorized that the Mandarin morerecognizable from the comics was stillout
there and that was confirmed to betrue in the Marvel one-shot movie allhailed the king it remains to be seen
ifhe’ll ever actually appear
in the MCUhowever in the rogue cut of x-men Daysof Future pastrogues powers were an integral part ofthe story which was strange given thatthe character had
supposedly taken themutant cure in x-men
The Last Stand butfans have theorized that she actuallyhad it given the ambiguous ending
and adeleted
scene from the last standrevealed that she couldn’t
actually gothrough
with ither powers still being present in therogue cut of Days of Future past wasconfirmation of
that when Marvel’sagents of shield first aired on ourtelevisions the focus of the show wasdefinitely on the resurrected PhilCoulson but
a number of new characterssoon became incredibly popular as wellChloe Bennet Skye is a prime example andfans quickly theorized who she reallywas when her father was revealed to
bemr. Hyde
the fans realized he was thefather of Daisy Johnson aka quake in thecomics and that
is indeed who she turnedout to
be and she’s now one of the mostpowerful characters in the MCU adifferent kind of theory now but onethat
definitely came true when
the castof ‘s Fantastic Four reboot wasconfirmed fans theorized that it wasn’tgoing to work reasons varied from themain quartet being too
young too blandand lacking screen
presence and whilesome of these suggestions may be alittle harsh
the fact is the moviedidn’t work at all
so all those fanstheories were actually completelycorrect
and this was all before atrailer was even released at the end
ofAvengers age of Ultron the Hulk took toa Quinjet
turned off all means ofcommunication and headed off to partsunknownfans immediately theorized that this wasleading
to a Planet Hulk story armedwith the
Quin jet taking the big greenguy into space although there wasn’texactly a whole arc devoted to it
thePlanet Hulk storyline was partiallyadapted as a subplot and thor ragnarokwhen the god of thunder found the Hulkfighting gladiatorial battles on theplanet
Sekar whenthe night first appeared in the
openingseason of Luke Cage fans theorized thatit wouldn’t be long
before she got herbionic arm from
the comics
towards theend of the first season of the defendersshe did indeed have one of her
arms cutoff thanks to the release of some pressshots for Luke Cage a second season wenow know these theories about her bionicarm will
be coming true
in thepost-credits scene of x-men Days ofFuture pastfans were introduced briefly to endSaban or the mutant who would go
on tobecome apocalypse in the background ofthat scene for individuals on horsescould be seen which led fans to theorizethat he’d turned some of the x-menfranchise’s most popular characters intohis
Four Horsemen and his first majorappearance
sure enough two years laterin x-men apocalypse
he recruited magnetostorm
psylocke and angel to be hishorsemen giving them increased levels ofpower in order to serve him leading upto the Doctor Strange
movie only
fourInfinity stones were accounted for inthe MCUthis led fans to theorize at the timestone or at least one of the tworemaining stones would appear in thesorceress Supremes movie especiallygiven the movie’s magic theme in thepsychedelic tone of the trailers thosefans were of course correct
as it wasrevealed that the iconic eye of agamottofrom the comics housed the MCU versionof the stone and it ended up beinginstrumental in Doctor Strange defeatingDormammu in the movies thrillingclimactic battle
I come to bargain in
fans were introduced to themysterious quantum realm in thehilarious ant-man movie when the titularcharacter went subatomic and ended upthere
the following year when fans sawthe psychedelic nature of the DoctorStrange movie in its trailers sometheorized that the quantum realm wouldreappear in said movie that turned outto
be true as the ancient one tookStrange on a journey through a number ofrealms as a means of
opening his mindand the quantum realm just so happenedto be one of them in
The Wolverine movieYukio a mutant capable of predicting
thedeaths of
others had a very specificvision of Logan dying fans theorized thedescription would actually be how HughJackman’s character would die in thefranchise and
all the circumstances ofhis eventual death and Logan weren’texactly
the same they were very similarand although Yukio told
Logan that he’ddie with his heart in hand he didn’t dieholding his literal heart
but he did dieholding the hand of his daughter
andit’s been confirmed that this payoff hadbeen the intention all along
if youweren’t already
aware of the guardiansof the galaxy we know in the MCU aren’tthe original group in the comics thatteam includes the likes of Charlie and
Martinez and when Sylvester Stallonewas cast in
the sequel fans theorizedthat he would be a member
of the actualoriginal team that turned out to be trueEstel own played stack errol Garn AKAstar hawk and guardians of the galaxyvol
ended with this team reunitingwhich could mean we’re going
to see moreof the original guardians exploits infuture MCU movies
that’s pretty coolright
in Marvel’s comics Valkyrie isbisexual
and one scene in Thor Ragnarokshowed a fellow female soldierssacrificing herself for her
the brieflook exchanged by the pair hinted thatthey were more than just fellow warriorsand fans theorized the MCU version ofthe character
was bisexual as wellactress Tessa Thompson later confirmedthe character sexual orientation and adeleted scene provided further proof thecharacter will
appear in future MCUmovies and the LGBT
community inparticular will certainly be hoping hersexuality is explored a little moregoing forward in Avengers age of Ultronthe vision that Scarlet Witch inducedusing her powers on Thor saw Heimdalltelling the god of thunder that he’dlead Asgard into hell
this led fans totheorize Asgard really would fall in theMCU
and that it would literally beThor’s doing that turned out to
be trueas Asgard’s destruction came in thorragnarok
when Thor himself triggered theapocalyptic event in order to defeathella and save the remaining Asgardiancivilians from her wrath the JessicaJones series wouldn’t have been assuccessful as
it was without DavidTennant’s brilliantly unstable villainkillgrave unfortunately he was killed inthe final episode of the
first seasonbut this was a
marble show so fansimmediately started to theorize thathe’d
return such a popular characterwould surely make a comeback and setphotos quickly confirmed that wouldhappen in season
two although he didonly end up appearing in Jessica’shallucinations
the trailers for Avengersinfinity war confirmed the return of theHulkbuster armor
which was last seen inAvengers age of Ultron
but Tony Starkwas in the trailers wearing his newnanotech
armor so fans began to theorizewho was wearing the
Hulkbuster BruceBanner the man it was designed to fightagainst was the popular theory and thatwas
confirmed when the movie came out asthe Hulk’s refusal to re-emerge aftertaking a beating at the hands of Thanosforced banner to look for an alternativeway
to fight Captain America the FirstAvenger saw Steve Rogers going upagainst Johann Schmidt who is otherwiseknown as the Red Skull
at the end of themovie
Red Skull attempted to handle thetesseract or
the space stone as it’s nowknown and appeared to be killedhowever countless fans theorized that hewasn’t
really dead and that he’dactually been transported
across thecosmos
in Avengers infinity war that wasrevealed to be true when Red Skullappeared on the planet Vermeer as thekeeper of the soul stone informingThanos of what he had to do
to obtain itbefore the soul stones location wasrevealed in Avengers infinity war MCUfans had all kinds of theories regardingwhere it might
be in Wakanda in thepossession of Heimdall or maybe it wasthe
eternal flame for example but somefans simply theorized that we hadn’tseen
the last infinity stone yet thosefans turned out to be correct
as itslocation was revealed to be the barrenplanet
for mirror which hadn’t yet beenexplored in the MCU
where it was beingguarded by
the after mentioned Red Skullsometimes patience is the
key to victorysometimes it leads to
very little andthat’s the end of our video
did youenjoy it
can you recall any other Marvelfan theories that ended up coming truewhich other fan theories do you thinkwill end up
coming true in the futurelet us know your
thoughts in thecomments
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