Black Panther: 10 Important Things You Missed

Black Panther has roared on two big

screens and has audiences waiting for

more a critical and commercial success

the film has made many people fans of

the Chawla and the Black Panther

mythology while everyone was so taken

aback by the powerful political story in

the vibrant life found in Wakanda we II

we’re keeping our eyes peeled for tiny

little references we think that you

might have missed look do you know from

comic book tie-ins MCU foreshadowing and

fun Easter eggs here’s what we caught

seeing as this movie is a new MCU film

minor spoiler warnings ahead before we

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every single day can you guess the movie

based off of these emojis stay tuned for

the end for the answer that is the

future coding King to Chaka in Captain

America Civil War audiences got their

first look at the Black Panther on the

big screen the newly minted Panther set

out on a revenge quest on the person

responsible for killing his father

the former king – Chaka who was played

by South African actor John Connie we

didn’t get to see much of him in civil

war but this influence on Wakanda and

T’Challa are expanded upon in the black

panther film we get a few scenes with a

younger – Chaka in the film and at first

you may be forgiven and thinking that

Marvel simply CGI’d a younger face onto

Connie’s face it does look pretty dang

similar and considering his actions play

a pivotal role in setting things in

motion it’s a face that should leave an

impression but unlike Robert Downey jr.

Michael Douglas and Kurt Russell all of

whom use CGI to appear younger in the

MCU the flashback to Chaka was actually

portrayed by John Connie’s son at unto


even though face altered CGI has come a

long way since the days of Benjamin

Button and looks really good these days

we loved that Connie son was used

instead and gave powerful yet brief


the Black Panther has been the protector

of Wakanda for generation what’s in a

name the world isn’t the same as it was

back in when Black Panther first

debuted and that’s for the better in

many regards

but since the comic was originally

written in a time where things could be

sometimes painfully racist there are

some weird things that stand out when

looking back one such thing is the

comic-book character named man ape yep

we’re not making this one up man ape was

typically portrayed to worship gorillas

with his tribe and would often be found

wearing white gorilla furs on his armor

but when it came time to make a

live-action Black Panther film for a

release date Marvel and director

Ryan Coogler knew that such a name

wasn’t going to fly so it was pretty

easy to scrap it but just because the

name was cut doesn’t mean the character


yeah man ape was in the film and he was

mbaku we can see the similarities

already even though there were some

slight alterations mbaku still wore the

white furs on his armor which was

straight out of the comics early on in

the film mbaku challenges to chala to

the throne of Wakanda and enters the

battle wearing a gorilla mask a clear

call out to his comic book origins

Oakland the surprise move the Black

Panther did not open up in Wakanda nor

did it feature the black panther we knew

from civil war instead the action opens

up in in Oakland California in what

could only be described as a

neighborhood block that has seen better

days Oakland is actually important for a

few reasons in terms of actual real

world history and to director Ryan

Coogler in terms of moviemaking


koogler may be young but he’s by no

means novice his two other films

garnered much acclaim including his

debut Fruitvale station starring

Panthers Michael B Jordan and also cent

in Oakland but even more interesting is

the connection to the history of the

term black panther founded in in

Oakland the Black Panther Party would

become an important and divisive factor

for the civil rights movement so much so

that Marvel actually

changed the name of their comic book

character Black Panther who actually

debuted a few months before the

political party hit the scene Marvel

eventually decided that they shouldn’t

be bound by politics and switched the

challahs name back and the rest they say

is history just he should come soon

enough with that in mind it’s a neat

touch that Kugler opened the film in

Auckland he could have picked any city

in the world but clearly wanted to tie

things together move well you would be

moved familiar turn kill monger is one

of the more realized MCU villains to

date fans and critics agreed that

Michael B Jordan nailed the role giving

audiences a villain with multiple layers

and logical motivation to be doing the

things he’s doing by the film’s climax

kill monger wants to unleash wakandan

technology on the world and essentially

wipe out anyone who would persecute the

weak and oppressed to do that he

launches a series of jets into the air

for specific destinations around the

world for various war dogs to make use

of the orders were naturally met with

some resistance or uncertainty around

the globe thanks to a quick line from La

cobby but there were some cells that

were more than up for the tasks

interestingly though those cells who

were game were from cities known to

eagle-eyed fans of the MCU they resided

in London Hong Kong and New York to

those cities seem relevant to you fans

of Doctor Strange will recognize them as

the cities that house the three earths

Sancta sanctorum the mystical defense

that protects the planet is this a

clever Easter Egg for MCU fans or does

the sanctums very existence and courage

challenge to paraphrase vision I’m

saying that maybe a causality time will

tell once Thanos shows up in infinity

war stolen masks we first meet the

film’s excellent villain kill monger in

London during a museum heist the radical

wakandan American wants to return to his

roots and reveal Wakanda to the world

challenging anyone who dares oppress the

weak and helpless around the world

an eerie plan indeed especially in

tea helping him on his crusade is of

course Andy Serkis is ulysses klaw who

we first met back in Avengers age of

Ultron on candy the main goal of the

heist was to steal and eventually sell a

vibranium artifact to the CIA for big

money but something else caught kill

mongers eyes in the museum while they do

leave with the wakandan weapon kill

monger steals a mask because he’s

feeling it

he later uses it to break Ulysses out of

CIA custody in Korea as he does that

though he winks to the audience from

behind the mask why as it turns out this

mask is near enough ripped straight from

the comics while obviously not a direct

match a similarity between the MCU

version in the comic book version which

debuted in Black Panther number and

Reginald Hudlin series moonlight despite

the huge mix-up at the Oscars moonlight

gets to carry the respect and honor of

winning Best Picture at the Oscars

moonlight you guys won Best Picture a

huge win for people of color

a year after Oscars so white went viral

almost a year after the award was handed

out Black Panther has roared into

cinemas a beacon of hope and inclusivity

and it is true it’s not fake so why

bring up moonlight well there’s actually

connection between the two films even if

it’s just a little one at the end of the

film when T’Challa opens up the new

programs in Auckland and reveals his

technologically advanced aircraft a

young boy confronts the King on the

basketball court

that boy is of course Alex R Hibbert who

portrayed young Chiron

koogler is one of many directors who

praised moonlight and found a way to tip

his hat towards the film and its

director Barry Jenkins in his own movie

so naturally Ryan Coogler was one of

those directors who showed up while he

was working on the early pre-production

of Black Panthers if that wasn’t enough

connection though Black Panther star

Chadwick Boseman is actually going to

star in Jenkins next film expatriate

how’s that for an actor shuffle

straight out of the comic one of the big

moments in the film was when kill monger

walked up to T’Challa and challenged him

for the right to the throne thanks to

his royal heritage he is able to make

this request something the Black Panther

obliges the pair has a showdown on a

cliffside in ritualistic combat where

the winner is determined by the death or

surrender of the opponent needless to

say this choice of location isn’t

coincidental while we get to see it

earlier on in the film when mbaku

challenges to chala it was merely to set

up the rules for the fight against kill

mom this particular duel is taken

straight out of the comic books

specifically the Christopher priest run

in that series in issue black panther

and kill monger have a ritualistic duel

upon a cliffside near a waterfall and

one skill monger is declared Victor he

tosses to chala over the edge but

seemingly killing him off the fans of

the comics will know that it’s one of

the most memorable moments on the page

there are some variations though the one

CIA agent Everett Ross played in the

film by martin freeman yields for

T’Challa in the comics after

accidentally distracting him thus

getting kill monger the throne by

default kill mongers gold suit after

defeating T’Challa and ritualistic

combat kill monger is declared king of

Wakanda and thus by royal mandate and

tradition he is bestowed the power of

the Black Panther and his own suit

unlike T’Challa who sports both his

classic black suit and his new purple

motif design kill monkeys features a

yellow motif and more interestingly a

design that doesn’t look that much like

a panther thanks to some spots in the

gold yellow design of the suit kill

mongers suit actually is more

reminiscent of a leopard and there’s a

comic book reason for that on the page

specifically jungle fever number kill

monger was on the attack and unleashed

his trusty sidekick ray like most

sidekicks or aides though prey with an

extra why of course was a tamed leopard

under kill mongers control but there’s a

secondary reference that ties into the

leopard remember back when we mentioned

Marvel changed the Black Panther comic

name in the s to distance themselves

in the Black Panther Party

well the name they chose was black

leopard so kill mongers suit was

definitely a mighty homage to that brief

name change do you think Black Panther

is a better name for a comic-book hero

or do you

like the sound of black leopard better

let us know in the comments given time

that old American movie one of the

funniest and coolest characters in the

film is two challahs sister shootie

she’s something of a genius and may in

fact be smarter than Tony Stark himself

she operates similarly to cue from the

James Bond films creating tech for our

hero and providing guidance and aid

she’s just way starter and more hip than

cute we’re finished yes good when giving

to cello a peek at some of her new toys

she shows him a set of sneakers

form-fitting footwear that muffles sound

and morphs to the user’s foot

she then references an old American

movie in passing and never brings up the

comment again which is unusual

considering the amazing technology we’ve

just seen in action

it’s one of those quick easy to miss

lines but if you know your movies you’ll

know exactly which one Sheree was

talking about give it up yet future

it’s actually Back to the Future in

that film Marty McFly gets a set of self

tying shoes laces all right a pretty

handy invention we’ve yet to get in the

real world but Cherie shoes which self

assemble around two challahs feet from

nothing but the base definitely echo

those nifty shoes that Marty got good to

know they get Hollywood movies in

Wakanda I didn’t kill your father then

why did you run the white wolf you’d be

surprised how many people leave during

the credits of a Marvel film as if they

had no idea that there are two after

credits scenes in well the first

scene was a message of hope and

inclusivity aimed at the film’s UN as

much as it was for the audience and the

cinema the follow-up scene brought up

many MCU and comic-book questions in it

we see some children looking at a person

who is revealed to be none other than

Bucky Barnes formerly known as the

Winter Soldier at the end of Civil War

and that films after credits scene he

was put on ice for fear of going rogue

again and hurting people and wanted out

of the picture until a cure could be

found well thanks to a Marvel prelude

comic or some connecting the dots if you

haven’t read it you’ll figure out that

Sheree did indeed cure Barnes

furthermore Barnes is referred to as the

white wolf while the Winter Soldier is

never the white wolf the Black Panther

had an ally and adoptive brother in the

comics a Caucasian named hunter who

eventually went by the name white wolf

and was considered one of two challahs

most trusted allies potential

foreshadowing for things to come fun

fact sure he alludes to Barnes treatment

early in the film when she casually

mentions having to treat another broken

white boy and that’s it for now

what did you think of Black Panther do

you think kill monger could be the best

MCU villain to date or does that honor

still belong to Loki witch Easter Egger

reference did you catch during your

first viewing of the film what role will

a con to play in infinity war let us

know in the comments below and be sure

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