Black Panther Theory: Is Shuri THE Smartest Marvel Movie Character?

shuri may just be the cheeky confident

year old secret weapons but Marvel

needs since black panther was released

theories have been flying around that

shiri may just be the smartest Marvel

Universe character ever to exist that’s

right more brilliant than Tony Stark and

Bruce Banner so what makes people think

this could it be her mind shattering

inventions with vibranium or maybe it is

her curing technological abilities that

even the most elite superheroes couldn’t

crack we’re going to explore why this

theory may actually be fact and it may

run deeper than just inventions make

sure to watch until the end to find out

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secrets give us a like and now let’s see

why the theory about Sheree being the

brightest Marvel movie character is

really true just innovative inventions

and vibranium magician mount Pechanga

shuri’s pristine inspirational lab and

the mining ground for the much

sought-after vibranium

is where sharees many inventions are

created unlike Tony Stark’s messy and

childish lab Cherie has a rhyme and

reason to hers clean organized and ready

to help her brother to chala and Wakanda

in any way her brilliant mind can assist

Sheree is a more promising type of

superhero working away in her lab to

make all the most innovative creations

for Wakanda and wielding the powers of

vibranium better than anyone else while

Eric kill monger plans a coup to take

over the city and fights to chala for

the throne leaving two challahs shaming

lee dead cherie and her mother flee only

to return to help reclaim the throne

alongside to Chawla Cherie molds the

much-needed inventions that others don’t

have the mines form

ultimately Sheree could even be the true

hero of the film which some fans stand

shuri sees protection over destruction a

mindset of defense rather than offense

which also shows us how her mind works

she solves problems prior to them


shuri’s inventions even put the older

most brilliant marvel minds to shame

let’s discuss some of them starting with

the sound absorbing sneakers now she

gives sneakers a dual meaning sneakers

attached around two challahs ankles that

were easy to move in and silent as

anything also she made two chala his

black panther suit but deploys from his

necklace at a moment’s notice

shuri also took the valuable metal by

brain IAM and practically shaped

wakanda’s very foundation using that

precious metal to keep the country on

top she is as they say the brains behind

the operation much like Q is to James

Bond but times a thousand at least aside

from all these cool inventions she also

engineered a remote piloting system that

allows her to join any mission no matter

where in the world her team is umm

excuse me we want one of those please

Cherie the Bahamas needs us like now

back to sure he’s out of this universe

inventions she molds her inventions into

something that challenges our other

Marvel heroes creations not to mention

she has the wherewithal to know that not

all her inventions should be kept secret

she has foresight which is a far greater

component to intelligence than bravery

and belligerents

hence the after cutscene where to chala

and Shuri meet with the United Nations

where T’Challa iconically says the wise

build bridges while the foolish build

barriers ending the reign of the

isolationist nation Queen Mother

Princess medical technological cures

teenagers are typically categorized as

disorganized woozy and young as if young

were a bad thing but sharees lack of age

does not equate to her brain she is a

rare Einstein type that if she lived in

our society would have already graduated

Harvard and

compared to the late Stephen Hawkings so

in terms of Marvel’s most brilliant

minds we’re pretty certain sharees going

to take the cake the post-credits scenes

lend us just as much insight into

shuri’s brilliance as the film itself

does as well as give us hints to future

Black Panther films during the film we

all heard shuri’s cheeki line great

another white boy for us to fix Sheree

says this when her brother to Chawla

brings in everett after he was unable to

leave him due to the sacrifice everett

made Cherie is basically bouncing with

joy at the prospect of healing someone

finishing off her line saying gonna be

fun with loads of enthusiasm that

doesn’t sound like someone who is

worried about their curing abilities or

the technology they invented to do so in

fact Cherie not only knows what medical

technology to create or use but also

finds it easier than baking a cake so

why another white boy to fix and not

just a white boy defects well in the

post-credits scene it is revealed that

Sheree previously was the healer of

Bucky Barnes at the end of Captain

America the Winter Soldier we find out

Bucky Barnes was captured during World

War two by Hydra a Nazi organization

Bucky was then brainwashed and turned

into the Winter Soldier Captain America

obviously is obsessed with bringing

Bucky’s memory back which creates a sore

spot between him and Iron Man which then

starts the Civil War so how does Cherie

play into all this

well no avenger or superhero to fix

Bucky Barnes

everyone except Shuri that is Barnes is

an MCU phenomenon that has stumped the

greatest Marvel minds during shuri’s

free time she is defrosted him and is

curing him restoring him to

rehabilitation with Shuri curing Bucky

Barnes when no other character could

puts her at the top of the list for

highest IQ of any Marvel characters we

mean she’s practically healing him as a

hobby not only to help him but probe her


interests we mean during the film he saw

her healed bullet wounds in a few days

on doing a brain washer

friend-of-a-friend seems completely

doable thinks ahead and not a mass for

years audiences and fans knew that the

Battle of the smartest person was

between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner well

now with the release of Black Panther

Sheree is challenging that belief

strongly if not certainly the theory

that she is the smartest character is

backed not only by her amenable amount

of invention her curing abilities and

her a young age but also by her mental

stability and capability to deliver yep

you heard it right mental stability

Sheree is not a mess she’s confident

whipped smart witty efficient and easily

trusted whereas it seems like every

other genius Marvel character has their

inventions used against them

Sheree might change that stereotype of

the brilliant but troubled genius let’s

begin with Tony Stark Iron Man played by

the rough and funny Robert Downey jr.

perhaps Downey infused a little of his

own adventurous self into the character

but even in the comics Stark had away

with unplanned destruction in when

Iron Man hit screens stark was already

protecting the greater good by

perfecting weapons in his

multibillion-dollar Empire created with

the use of his own smart also his father

but Stark always ends up losing control

it’s a constant in Marvel films if you

need something fixed you’d go to Tony

Stark and another constant with start

he’s a complete mess though he’s

apparently a genius he was also taken by

surprise to learn that his brilliant

technology of Stark Industries was being

used to weaponize the world

no one saw that coming at the massive

company another experimentation gone

wrong was when Tony Stark and Bruce

Banner accidentally created a power

wielding cyborg that attempted to take

the entire world down this intended

world peace artificial intelligence

creation was named Ultron see you know

what we’re talking about that doesn’t

seem like an intelligent move to us as

for Bruce Banner the tortured scientist

aka The Hulk and Reed Richards aka mr.

fantastic the theory of sharee still

rings true while all three of these

characters are obviously smart they

follow the typical MCU genius status

well-intentioned but misused also Reed

Richards isn’t in the MCU yet but

hopefully with the Fox buyout he’ll show

up whereas black panther decided to go a

different route and not only make a

young african-american girl our hero but

also to give her the ability to think

ahead how could someone use this against

us what could fail in this invention

shuri’s ability to evaluate her

inventions and think ahead of how they

could be used against her team indicates

with high IQ what do you think about

this we’re pretty sure none of them can

wield vibranium like shuriken or evolve

an entire country before the age of

leading the way two challahs confidence

in Sheree should inspire even more hope

in our new and subtle female hero also a

hero that we’re sure we are going to see

a lot more of in future MCU films Sheree

being just has a bright future ahead

of her and is already paving the way for

a more peaceful world we get a glimpse

of her beautiful mind in one of the

bonus after credits scenes where two

challahs shows us his unwavering trust

towards sharees abilities at the end of

black panther T’Challa

Sheree and the other remarkable women of

Lokhande go to the United Nations to

share some of the country’s

revolutionary technology to keep the

world a safer and better place to live

the technology tallis speaks up is all

sharees inventions from her lab on mount

fish anga the chala even gives real

estate in Auckland to operate as

wakanda’s first outpost Shuri will lead

the way in this endeavor making her one

of Marvel’s greatest assets not only for

her brain but now for her leadership

skills at such a young age in addition

the audience meets Cherie as a gadget

provider and basically an all-around

vibranium magician the film opens with a

scene where Shuri is diffusing a

situation with her brother to Chawla

sure he does not hesitate to take charge

and even the most threatening positions

most likely knowing that her wit can

outsmart the other side however when her

wit does not prevail Shuri isn’t afraid

to step into battle even though she

isn’t as adept at it as she is with

vibranium Shuri is in charge of the

Lokhande design group which was

introduced in the comics in another

little hint into her mind is the

graffiti in her lab and on her main

computer she’s a creative genius and

expresses it in more ways than just her

inventions the graffiti designs were a

nice clue planted by production designer

Hanabi Fleur all this shows the amount

of confidence Shuri was born with not

only about herself and how her mind

works but also how she can contribute to

the Society of Wakanda and greater yet

the world seeing beyond herself is a

form of intelligence greater than any

superhero that has yet to

race the MCU screams sure they all want

peace for the greater good but Sheree is

putting her values in the forefront and

not uselessly and unknowingly putting

weapons out into the world conclusion on

the theory the theory that Sheree is

Marvel’s smartest character is a big

statement especially with all the super

elite high intellect women and men in

the MCU the actress Leticia Wright has

her own thoughts on it when she spoke to

Vogue about her character she said I

hope it can spark someone to say I’m not

a superhero but I can be a scientist or

build the next spaceship like Sheree

even historically this type of role has

been underrepresented on the screen that

of a young smart african-american woman

being the genius not to mention the

funniest character in the film latisha

finishes off by saying Sheree is super

cool and her mind is her weapon she uses

that to create amazing technology but

then she’s able to turn around and tease

her brother so she’s still relatable

down-to-earth character who everybody

can vibe with producer Nate more bluntly

said about Sheree the smartest person in

the world smarter than Tony Stark sorry


seems like you’re going to have to

defend your genius throne the fact that

Sheree ends up solving the unsolvable

problem of Bucky Barnes while also

thinking ahead

creating ingenious vibranium inventions

and being witty to boot all proof Sheree

may just be the savior

we all need she’s breaking the

stereotypical genius outline in the

marvel’s films and audiences are loving

it as for marvel recasting the actors in

multiple films Leticia Wright is making

a return we wonder if Tony Stark and

Sheree will ever have an IQ faceoff that

would be one scene we’d be down for

watching do you think this theory is

fact is Sheree the smartest Marvel

character to exist

even further do you think she’s the most

intelligent person in the world who do

you think is the most brilliant marbled

character if not Cherie do you believe a

sixteen-year-old genius can inspire us

all and fix the broken marble universe

let us know your thoughts in the

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